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     Blue River Bullies is dedicated to the creation and preservation of the Shorty Bull breed. The kennel was established in 1985 and has been owned and operated by the Sweet family since it's inception. Blue River Bullies is the founding home of the Shorty Bulls. The new breed was established as a composite breed and designed to be a healthy and functional novelty bulldog. The breed continues to evolve and flourish today, and Blue River leads the pack in the continued development of this intriguing breed.  

      From their founding home in Kansas, Shorty Bulls span the United States and  have made their way into family homes around the world.  With a short, sturdy frame of 15" or less and a weight of approximiately 40 lbs, the shorties make robust family companions, suitable for young and old alike.  Being moderately active, the Shorties' daily requirement of exercise is easily met, making them an easy fit into today's busy lifestyles.  Shorty Bulls have a happy-go-lucky outlook on life, and easily adapt to urban or rural settings.

     The Sweet family is strong in the Shorty Bull movement and remains active in every aspect of this modern breed. 

      Please look around this site to see the current stock and feel free to contact us if more information is needed.  Due to our own active lifestyle, it is very possible we may miss your call.  Please leave us a voicemail or a text  message and we will get back to you. You will also find the most recent photos on Facebook under Jamie Sweet or Blue River Bullies.
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